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VITAL PRO Naturals is leading the way in natural digestive care. We are entrenched in the latest science and research related to gut health and the microbiome. Armed with this knowledge and pure quality ingredients, we create novel formulas to support a broad range of occasional digestive concerns.* 


Research is showing that the number of unique strains in our gut is declining at a rapid pace with significant decreases from one generation to the next.1 This decline is known as LOMD (Loss of Microbial Diversity).

Microbiome research is beginning to link a drop in bacterial diversity to an increase in health issues.2,3 This suggests that the more beneficial bacterial strains we have, the healthier we tend to be. This may be because each strain has different strengths so collectively, more strains could mean more health benefits. There is still a lot more to discover but most experts agree that a healthy human digestive tract has hundreds or even thousands of strains.

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gut diversity

Common Factors that may Negatively Impact Gut Microbial Diversity:

  • Too Much Processed & Unhealthy Food
  • Stress & Aging
  • Exposure to Environmental Toxins
  • Antibiotic Use
  • Acid-Suppressing Medication (PPIs)
  • Lack of Exercise
  • Poor Sleep Habits
  • C-Section Births & Breastfeeding
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We’re committed to making our formulations as efficacious as possible which is why our ingredients tend to have higher potencies than other brands.*

Brenda Watson

“I’m Brenda Watson, a natural health practitioner, founder of VITAL PRO Naturals, and the inspiration behind all our quality product formulations. For nearly 30 years, my mission has been to support people in their quest for vibrant health through education and a focus on digestive health.”

Brenda Watson, CNC
Founder of VITAL PRO Naturals